Monday, December 28, 2009


experimented by Miss LeoSMKDK

hello..fellow students.. happy holidays..Do not forget to revise and do your revisions during the school break..anyway..time pased by and holiday is nearly over...

hope to see you soon, this coming January all well and set to explore a lot of new , fun and interesting fact on sciences ;)

good day

mentang-mentangla cuti..terus je nak lompat-lompat kegirangan.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


experimented by Miss LeoSMKDK

HAI STUDENTS ;) I've already uploaded all the notes so that you could easily downloads them and do your revisions later...

Just click on each appropriate topics/ chapter. 

and follow the simple step to download the files.

As you can see it is located at the top most of the page just below the WELCOME note.

Good Luck.

Happy studying.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chapter 2 :Man and the Variety of Living Things.

experimented by Miss LeoSMKDK


The content of this theme is as follows:

1. Cells as a unit of life.

  • cell
  • unicellular and multicellular organisms
  • human cell.
2. Variety of Living Things and their classification
  • Biodiversity
  • interdependence among living organisms and the environment
  • classification of animals
  • classification of plants
  • the system of Classification of living things
  • The role of man in the universe

3. Micro-organisms and their effects on Life.
  • Classification of microorganisms
  • Factors affecting the activities of the microorganisms
  • the role of useful microorganisms in everyday life
  • harmful microorganism
  • prevention of infectious diseases
  • methods of treating diseases.CLICK TO DOWNLOAD CHAPTER2 NOTES

It's time to do revision now...

experimented by Miss LeoSMKDK

hello students, well since January you have already learned about so many things during your science lesson.

Well, I hope that you really understand what teachers have taught you in school.

You don't just learned science for the sake of sitting for an examination, or getting good grades on a piece of paper. You LEARNED SCIENCE so that you could apply it in your daily life....

It is already in the month of October right now, and you have about less than 1 month to cover all the 7 chapters.


for that, I wish all of you the best of luck.

In the coming post entries... I'm going to upload all the notes starting from chapter 1 until chapter 7.

Start doing your revision from now before it is too late.

Study smart. Answer a lot of practice test according to each sub-topics.

Till fingers meets keyboard again.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chapter1 : Introduction To Science

experimented by Miss LeoSMKDK

Introduction to Science.

The content of this theme are as follows:

1. Introduction to science

  • Understanding science
  • method of scientific investigation
  • Physical quantity and measurement
  • Scientific attitude and Noble Values.

click on the Download button to download chapter 1